SRB2 Version 2.1.19 Update

Netgame fixes:

  • Patched a few more crash-causing exploits enabled by malformed packets, as discussed above.
  • Fixed cooperative intermission bonuses such as extra lives not being awarded
    server-side on dedicated servers, leading to desynchronisation.
  • Fixed an issue where you could join a netgame despite having too many files
    loaded to be able to match the server's file list, leading to
  • Fixed an issue where you stayed connected to a netgame when you have too many
    files loaded to apply one the host added, leading to desynchronisation.
  • Inform the adminplayer when they send an addfile request that can't be completed because the host has too many files added.
  • Fixed a bizzare issue where, if you quit a server the moment you create it, you will be instantly kicked if you make a new one.

Minor, unrelated fixes:

  • Fixed an issue where missiles were able to effortlessly glide up slopes without exploding.
  • Corrected a log message informing the player that they had extra colormaps on game startup when none were actually available.
  • Removed a typo resulting in the NiGHTS capsule having the red ring's skincolor applied on spawn.


SRB2 Version 2.1.19 (current) (99 MB)
Version 2.1.19 116 days ago

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